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East 6th Street USO Club

Organized in 1882 in a wood frame structure on the present site. In 1926, the original building was damaged in a storm. The present structure was built in 1930. The congregation provided food ...

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Roots of Rock and Roll

Rock and roll is rooted in the blues of Mississippi. The Mississippi Jook Band (brothers Roosevelt and Uaroy Graves and pianist Cooney Vaughan) earned a niche in the annals of rock after they ...

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Scene of destructive tornado on April 24, 1908. Forty-seven people were killed and more than 300 injured. Over half of the homes were destroyed. Property damage was great.

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The "Hancock Rebels"

Organized in March 1862 by Capt. D.B. Seal at Hobolochitto (now Picayune), the "Hancock Rebels" became Co. C, 38th Mississippi Infantry, C.S.A. Seeing action at Corinth, Iuka, and Vicksburg, the unit ...

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The Last Bare Knuckle Prize Fight

Historical Site The last bare knuckle prize fight was fought here on Richburg Hill July 8, 1889. John L. Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrain in the seventy fifth round to retain the World Heavyweight ...

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Old West Florida

Area to south, originally part of French Louisiana became W. Florida under England & Spain. After West Florida Revolution annexed by U.S. & in 1812 added to Miss. Territory.

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The Old Courthouse

The first courthouse for Pearl River County was built on this site in 1891-1892. It served the county until it was replaced by a new courthouse constructed across the street, in 1918

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Avery Island Salt Dome

Avery Island stands out from the surrounding wetlands, rising at its highest point 163 feet above the low-lying plain. This salt dome formed as the weight of younger sediment pushed up a column of ...

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Demonstration School

The Mississippi Normal College, now the University of Southern Mississippi, was established in 1910. The Demonstration School opened in 1926 during the time when the college was called the ...

    The Island / The Flamingo Club

    The Island, once accessible only by footbridges, was the center of life at Idlewild from the 1910s into the 1960s. Early advertisements for the resort described Island Park as having a ...

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    John C. Liken / John C. Martini House

    One of Sebewaing’s most prominent citizens, John C. Liken (1832-1920) came here in 1865 from New York State where he owned a cooperage. Lured by Michigan’s bountiful forests, he opened stave ...

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    Chain Lake Baptist Church and Cemetery

    In the 1830s southern runaway slaves bound for freedom in Canada came into Michigan near Cassopolis. In 1840 Cass County’s Quaker community, which provided a haven for the fugitives, became an ...

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    North Presbyterian Church / North Presbyterian Church

    On October 19, 1863, fourteen members of Lansing’s First Presbyterian Church signed the Articles of Association creating the Franklin Street Church Society. The society acquired a lot for a ...

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    Passenger Pigeons / Passenger Pigeons (Ectopistes migratorius)

    At one time Michigan was a favorite nesting ground for the passenger pigeons. Vast quantities of beechnuts and other food attracted them. Each spring immense flocks arrived, literally darkening the ...

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      Authentic Mule Pulled Coal Cart

        In Memory Of, Newcastle


          Alfred Hitchcock

            Ramona Peterson

            In Memory of Ramona Peterson  "She Loved to Watch the Gulls, the Seals, and Cloud Formations -- Enjoy the View as She Did."

              Brett Hall

              William Howard Brett Librarian 1884 – 1918 A great educational leader in his broad conception of the library as an institution which supplements informally the work of the schools and ...

                William Howard Brett

                William Howard Brett 1884 * Librarian * 1918 In thirty four years of devoted service he developed this library from one small collection of books into a great city-wide system.  He left a legacy from ...

                  Johann H. Beck

                  Johann H. Beck 1856 – 1924 Musician and composer distinction, he devoted his life to musical interests in Cleveland.   Submitted by Bryan Arnold @nanowhiskers


                    Såndor Petöfi Magyar Poet 1823 - 1849   Submitted by Bryan Arnold @nanowhiskers

                      MacBeth Chair 1

                      This “MacBeth” Chair, crafted from Burnham Wood oak, was given to the library by the City of Cleveland in honor of the Shakespeare tercentenary 1616 - 1916   Submitted by Bryan Arnold @nanowhiskers

                        Shaespeare Chair

                        Shakespeare Chair This chair of old English design with its famous quotation from Macbeth was the gift of the City of Cleveland to the Cleveland Public Library.   When the Shakespeare Garden of the ...