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School Haydnlaan

Dutch: Helpman was tot 1915 een tot de gemeente Haren behorend dorp. De inlijving bij Groningen leidde tot een grote groei en de behoefte aan de bouw 'eener lagere school'. B&W gaven de ...

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First Frame House in Grand Rapids

On this site Joel Guild erected the first frame house in Grand Rapids, August 1833, in which the first township election was held April 4, 1834, and the first white wedding was celebrated April 13, ...

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Partnership sculpture dedication

This dedication is attached to a sculpture that sits along the waterfront of Reykjavik Harbor. It was a gift from journalist and activist Charles E Cobb and his wife. It reads: Ambassador and ...

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Höfði House

Höfði House is a house steeped in history. It's also haunted. The informative plaque reads: Höfði House has a remarkable history connected to Icelandic relations with other nations. The house was ...

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Kitchen Scene of Cock Fights

The Jean Hasbrouck House in New Paltz, NY. A National historic landmark as are several other structures in the neighbourhood, part of the Huguenot Street Historic District. According to wikipedia, ...

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This is another area of geothermal action. At one point, a geothermal electric plant was built in the area, but it exploded due to the large amount of steam and heat generated. The plaque ...

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Leif Eiriksson Statue

This inscription is on the back of a large statue of Viking Leifur Eiriksson, the earnest adventurer who discovered the North American continent nearly 400 years before Columbus. This statue was a ...

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Entry to Hallgrimskirkja Church

This plaque greets people entering Hallgrimskirkja, the large church that overlooks Reykjavik. The same saying appears over the doors of many churches throughout Iceland. It reads: Þá Þú gengur í ...

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The World's Most Exciting Restaurant

LAKEWOOD LANDMARK CASA BONITA 1973 THE LAKEWOOD HISTORICAL SOCIETY   Casa Bonita of Denver designed by PHIL H. PHILLIPS 1974   More info at http://www.casabonitadenver.com. Additionally, their ...

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1st Holy Mass ar Fort Duquesne

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Theological Seminary

"This marker is across the street from the site of the Seminary Buildings, demolished in 1936. The facade of the Chapel is now the portico of the existing building - Ellsworth School. A lack ...

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  • connecticut
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The Wreck of Walter Hood

    Steamship Terminal - Downtown Victoria

    The plaque marks the building formerly used by the Victoria to Vancouver Ferry.  The building is located in downtown Victoria, BC at 470 Belleville Street, just across the street from the ...

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    Sigling (Sailing) Plaque

     This sculpture, titled Sigling / Sailing, and plaque are in Akureyri, the "capitol" if North Iceland. This sculpture, by Jón Gunnar Arnarson, is a sister to the better known Sólfar / Sun Voyager in ...

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    Bram Stoker

    Photographed by MKSeery from Open Plaques.

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    Some Local History (Read This Its Cool)

    Original Residents: The Ohlone For more than 2,500 years before the Spanish missionaries first arrived in the Bay Area in the 1770s, dozens of small, politically inde-pendent native ...

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    Forest Ranger William Henry Stephens

    This plaque from 2007 is found in an off-the- beaten track location at Elk Island National Park. It is found along Rob's Road, an old warden's trail that is largely inaccessible to the public. It is ...

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    • conservation
    • 1890s
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    Preservation of the Plains Buffalo

    This plaque commemorates the preservation of the plains bison by the Canadian government. A large proportion of plains bison currently in conservation herds are descendants of the Pablo- Allard herd ...

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    • 1940s
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    Stephen Stephensson Plaque

    The monument was erected in north Iceland to honor Icelandic poet Stephen Stephensson. He was born in Skagafjörður, Iceland but emigrated to Wisconsin, USA in 1873. This monument was erected in ...

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    Apsonsi - Thai Angel Statue

    Apsonsi - Thai Angel Statue Gateway to Thai Town Presented to the people of Los Angeles by the Thai Community Development Center and the Thai Town Formation Committee June 15, 2007 With funding ...

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