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Layfayette County Courthouse

LAFAYETTE COUNTY COURTHOUSE  The original courthouse was burned in August 1864 by Union troops led by Gen. A. J. Smith. Judge R. A. Hill secured Federal funds to construct the ...

  • mississippi
  • civil war
  • lafayette
  • courthouse

Golden spike

The last tie laid on the completion of the Pacific Railroad, May, 1869  PresidentLELAND STANFORD Vice-President C. P. HUNTINGTON  Superintendent CHARLES CROCKER  Treasurer MARK HOPKINS  Secretary E. ...

  • utah
  • railroad
  • spike
  • golden

Boston Armenian Genocide Memorial

   Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have offered hope and refuge for immigrants seeking to begin new lives.  This park is a gift to the Commonwealth and the City of Boston from the ...

  • boston
  • armenia
  • massachusetts
  • genocide
  • turkey

Hudson's Bay Company Deprtment Store

10230 – Jasper Avenue, Edmonton The overwhelming turnout surprised everyone. After all, no merchandise was on sale. It was the fourth store the company had built on the site since relocating their ...

  • edmonton
  • canada
  • hudsons bay
  • store

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

  • san diego
  • lighthouse
  • california
  • maritime
  • squibob
  • ecv
  • cabrillo
  • wwii
  • pelican point
  • point loma

Wilmot Park

Wilmot Park   These fields, then part of the Odell estate, were set aside as a public park on 18 June 1860 and officially opened by his Royal Highness Prince Albert Edward, The Prince of Wales ...

  • fredericton
  • new brunswick
  • park
  • canada

The early cinema experiments of William Friese Greene

It was here that the inventor of cinematography WILLIAM FIESE GREENE 1855 - 1921 carried out his original experiments which led to a world-wide industry. A commemorative stone plaque for one ...

  • cinema
  • history
  • the brighton sc...
  • pioneers
  • film
  • cinematography
  • brighton
  • england
  • greene

Big Rock Point

BIG ROCK POINT  Big Rock Point is named for a large boulder used as a landmark by Native Americans. At least as early as the mid-nineteenth century. Odawa (Ottawa) Indians used Big Rock, which they ...

  • michigan
  • indian
  • sometimes a lot...
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  • bear's oil

San Andreas Fault

The San Andreas Fault is the largest earthquake fault in North America. It passes through this point and alongside the tip of the small peninsula straight ahead. In this area, during the 1906 ...

    Rowan Oak

    ROWAN OAK Built c. 1848. From 1930 to 1962 home of novelist William Faulkner, who named it for the rowan tree, symbol of security and peace. Now maintained as a literary landmark by the UNiversity of ...

    • rowan
    • oak
    • faulkner
    • tree
    • mississippi
    • oxford

    Bentall Four Tragedy

    In memory of Donald Wayne Davis Brian John Stevenson Yrjo Mitrunen Gunther Couvreux May the tragic accident that claimed the lives of these four workers on January 7, 1981 never be forgotten so that ...

    • vancouver
    • british columbi...
    • canada
    • bentall tower
    • memorial
    • workers

    Lawren Stewart Harris

    Lawren Stewart Harris 1885 – 1970 Born in Brantford, Ontario, Harris is recognized as one of Canada’s finest and most versatile artists. Over a period of sixty years he painted quiet street scenes ...

    • vancouver
    • british columbi...
    • canada
    • lawren stewart ...
    • artist
    • art gallery
    • group of seven

    Former Vancouver Law Courts

    Former Vancouver Law Courts Construction of this monumental court house occurred between 1907 and 1911 at the height of a dramatic period of growth in Vancouver. The classically-inspired design ...

    • vancouver
    • british columbi...
    • canada
    • art gallery
    • courthouse

    Hudson’s Bay Company

    City of Vancouver Heritage Building Hudson’s Bay Company Architects: Burke, Horwood & White This magnificent department store, built between 1913 and 1950, established this part of downtown as ...

    • vancouver
    • british columbi...
    • canada
    • hudson’s bay
    • department stor...
    • building

    Cara Louise Ellis

    Cara Louise Ellis Born April 13, 1971 Murdered This tiny plaque, outside the Hudson’s Bay Company department store, is a memorial for one of the victims of Robert Pickton. It was the first one to be ...

    • vancouver
    • british columbi...
    • canada
    • cara ellis
    • robert pickton
    • serial killer
    • port coquitlam
    • memorial
    • murder

    San Diego WWI Memorial

    • san diego
    • wwi
    • the world war
    • scripps
    • last full measu...

    Old Town Hall, Fairfax

    This plaque is for the old town building in Fairfax. The wight building was built in 1900. After a new town hall was made it was turned in to a library. The plaque reads- OLD TOWN HALL BUILT 1900 ...

    • fairfax
    • town hall
    • 1900
    • virginia
    • civil war
    • spain

    Hunter Brothers Block

    City of Vancouver Heritage Building Hunter Brothers Block Builder: Hunter Brothers This is one of the last surviving original Granville Street buildings from the 1890s. It was built in 1892 by ...

    • vancouver
    • british columbi...
    • canada
    • heritage buildi...

    B.C. Electric Showroom

    City of Vancouver Heritage Building B.C. Electric Showroom Architects: Hodgson & Simmond This elegant and urbane building features two-story cast-bronze window frames bracketed by decorative bronze ...

    • vancouver
    • british columbi...
    • canada
    • heritage buildi...

    Hotel Georgia

    City of Vancouver Heritage Building Hotel Georgia Architects: R.T. Garrows & John Graham, Sr. This distinguished hotel designed in the Georgian Revival style was opened in 1927 by Edward, Prince of ...

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    • british columbi...
    • canada
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