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It Commemorates the Re-Siting of the Plaques Originally Sited Near Here

This plaque was unveiled on 21st Nov. 1979 by His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, PC, MC It commemorates the re-siting of the plaques originally sited near here which were damaged and removed during ...

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  • wwii
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First Newspaper In California

1846  FIRST NEWSPAPER IN CALIFORNIA IS ESTABLISHED IN MONTEREY  Robert Semple, participant in the Bear Flag Revolt and later President of the California Constitutional Conventions, and Walter Colton, ...

  • monterey
  • california
  • 1846
  • newspaper
  • colton
  • semple

Lillian May Elizabeth Nelson Byrd

In Appreciation Of Service Rendered By Their Chapter Member Lillian May Elizabeth Nelson Byrd, In The American Red Cross Hospital Hut Unit During World War I In Beaune, France 1917-1918 Adam ...

  • shelby county
  • tennessee

Lemoyne - Owen College

LeMoyne-Owen College, originally known as LeMoyne Normal and Commercial School, opened its doors circa 1870 on Orleans Street. The school operated under the auspices of the American ...

  • shelby county
  • tennessee

St. Michael Le Belfrey

ST. MICHAEL-LE-BELFREY  The only pre-Reformation church in York to have been built all at one time (1525-1536) by John Forman, Master Mason to the Minster. Buy Fawkes was baptized here on 16th April ...

  • york
  • england
  • forman
  • 1525
  • guy fawkes

Steele Hall

Steele Hall was erected in 1914 when LeMoyne Institute, which began in 1862 and opened as LeMoyne Normal and Commercial School in 1871, was moved from Orleans Street to Walker Avenue. Named in honor ...

  • shelby county
  • tennessee

Haskell Family's Half-Century

HASKELL FAMILY'S HALF-CENTURY For more than 50 years, three generations of Haskell family lived in East Lawrence where they left an enduring legacy.

  • lawrence
  • kansas
  • haskell
  • rail-trail arch...
  • native american...
  • haskell indian ...
  • 1850s

Haskell Indian Nations Univeristy

  • lawrence
  • kansas
  • haskell
  • native american...
  • haskell indian ...
  • 1884

Chifley Cave

Cave named after the 16th Prime Minister of Australia although it doesn't refer to him as such on the plaque. Plaque reads: 'As a tribute to the memory of the RT. Hon. J.B. Chifley M.P. ...

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  • nsw
  • australia
  • prime minister

Site of Allama Iqbal's first poetry recital

TRANSCRIPTION: BEGINNING OF THE LEGEND POETALLAMA SIR MUHAMMAD IQBALIqbal started writing poetry at a young age and was posting it to Dagh Dehlavi for correction by the early years of college ...

  • allama iqbal
  • poetry
  • pakistan
  • lahore
  • walled city
  • ghazal

Jenolan Caves

      Well worth a visit if you are ever in Sydney. It was one of the first tourist attractions in NSW and early Sydneysiders would trek days to get there and tour the caves by candlelight. Plaque ...

  • caves
  • nsw
  • australia

Eric Swanson Memorial Grove

ERIC SWANSONMEMORIAL GROVEThis grove is dedicated to the memory ofEric Swanson in recognition of hisextraordinary efforts to create a whole andhealthy forest and a sustainable forest economy. ...

  • mendocino
  • california
  • forest
  • trail

Point Reyes Station Commons

A very simple plaque commemorating the work of a local author and economist, the late Jonathan Rowe. He wrote about the importance of the commons for the prosperity of societies, about ...

  • california
  • marin county
  • point reyes sta...
  • jonathan rowe

Mountain Blue Gum

Plaque reads: 'Mountain Blue Gum (Eucalyptus deanei) These magnificent Eucalypts are famous for their white shafted trunk. These trees spouted soon after the miners abandoned this area in 1896, so we ...

  • tree
  • blue gum
  • nsw
  • australia

Katoomba Coal Mine Ventilation Furnace

Plaque reads: 'Katoomba Coal Mine 1878 This furnace was used to draw air through the mine to the work face. The air was directed to the miners by use of baffles made of wood or hessian' Submitted by ...

  • katoomba
  • coal
  • mine
  • nsw
  • australia

Scenic Railway

 Wikipedia: 'the steepest cable-driven funicular railway in the world, the steepest incline of 52 degrees contained within a total incline distance of 310 metres (1,020 ft)   Plaque reads: ' ...

  • funicular
  • railway
  • katoomba
  • nsw
  • australia

Queen Elizabeth Lookout

Plaque reads: 'Queen Elizabeth Lookout Her most Gracious Majesty viewed the Jamison Valley from this lookout during her visit on 12th February 1954' Submitted by: @IanThorp

  • queen
  • lookout
  • blue mountains
  • nsw
  • australia

Old town's Early Settlers

In the 1830s, the marshland of what is today known as Old Town was settled by a group of Roman Catholic immigrants from Southern Germany. As farmers and laborers, the settlers converted mainland into ...

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  • illinois
  • settlers
  • north town
  • old town

Legislative Assembly of Alberta

  Evansdale class exploring @LegAssemblyofAB grounds and learning to @readtheplaque! Submitted by @CityHallSchool

    Cordova School

    Cordova School has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Submitted from the Shelby County Register's Office.

    • shelby county
    • tennessee

    Kearny Gap

      Asbury Pie Cafe

      Asbury Pie Cafe  50 years supporting local charities at the New Mexico State Fair   Submitted by Sheila Paske

      • new mexico
      • state fair
      • pie

      Immigrant Impressions of Knoxville

      Knoxville was a small and inconsiderable place with a population of about two thousand souls -- with no railroads, no turnpikes -- and no means of getting merchandise to and from the place, but such ...

      • knoxville
      • immigrant
      • william brownlo...
      • alfred buffat
      • chattanooga
      • fireflies
      • french-swiss
      • gay street
      • sternwheeler
      • boat
      • 1849

      Writers' Impressions of Knoxville

      I always like summer best You can eat fresh corn From daddy's garden And okra and greens and cabbage And lots of barbecue and buttermilk And homemade ice cream At the church picnic And listen to ...

      • knoxville
      • author
      • poet
      • writer
      • nikki giovanni
      • mulvaney street
      • liu zongren
      • 1982
      • tennessee river
      • li river
      • china

      Writers' Impressions of the Tennessee River

      The Tennessee River system begins on the worn magnificent crest of the southern Appalachians, among the earth's oldest mountains, and the Tennessee River shapes its valley into the form of a ...

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      • knoxville
      • chattanooga
      • alabama
      • wilson dam
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