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Steeple Street Complex

Steeple Street Complex 1827-1847
The Steeple Street Complex was built in three main stages between 1827 and 1847 during a key period in Providence's growth into a leading commercial and industrial city. When Joseph Congdon and Randall Green built the first section, 3 Steeple, to house their side-by-side stores, Canal Street had just been opened alongside the newly-constructed Blackstone Canal. The Congdon iron and hardware business prospered and the company added another store, 5-7 Steeple, in 1828 and took over Green's store as well. In 1847, George and Smith Owen added the final building of the complex, 9 Steeple, on the east end of the complex to house their jewelry manufacturing shop. With its plain but substantial brick architecture and distinctive monitor roofs, the Steeple Street Complex is an important landmark of the city's historic waterfront.

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