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Point Emery

A small shoreline park located on northwestern edge of Emeryville, Point Emery is a popular
place for kiteboarding, kayaking and paddle-boarding access to the San Francisco Bay.
Pedestrians and cyclists use this tiny point as a place of respite while enjoying the many
natural resources found along the Bay Trail.

In partnership with multiple public agencies and with the support of the Emeryville
community, the city commenced a project to restore Point Emery in 2022, including rip rap
installation, soil stabilization, habitat protection, a graded footpath, benches, and ADA access,
consistent with the city's goal of being a leader on climate action.

Please leave no track of your visit here, but take any photographs and memories of your
time here with you when you go.

Dedicated on December 1, 2022, by the
Mayor and City Council of the City of Emeryville.

John J. Bauters, Mayor
Ally Medina, Vice Mayor
Scort Donahue, Councilmember
Dianne Martinet, Councilmember
Courtney Welch, Counctimember

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