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Execution and curse of the Ávila Brothers

Plaque written in old Spanish:

Plaque written in old Spanish:
"Estas casas eran de Al° de Avila Alvarado, vezino desta civdad de Mexico, el qval fve condenado a mverte por traidor; fve secvtada en suvpersona la sentencia en la plaza pública desta civdad; le mandaron deribar estas casas, que fveron las principales de sv morada. Año de 15... (unreadable)"

Traduction to actual spanish:
"Estas casas eran de Al° [Alonso] de Ávila Alvarado, vecino de esta ciudad de México, el cual fue condenado a muerte por traidor; fue ejecutada en su persona la sentencia en la plaza pública de esta ciudad; le mandaron derribar estas casas, que fueron las principales de su morada. Año de 15..."

Traduction to English:
"These houses belonged to Al ° [Alonso] de Ávila Alvarado, a resident of this city of Mexico, who was sentenced to death as a traitor; The sentence was executed in his person in the public square of this city; They ordered him to tear down these houses, which were the main ones of his dwelling. Year of 15 .."

~ The plaque was found during the excavations of the Templo Mayor in the 20th century. According to history, the Ávila brothers were sentenced to death for conspiring against the king in 1566. Their houses were demolished and salt was poured over them so that nothing would grow. Since then, a legend says that this corner is cursed.

Photo by Mario Yaír T.S.

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