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Burn Street

On 7th January 1860, at a Meeting of
it was resolved to officially name and number the streetsĀ 
and properties within the Town of Tarbolton.

At that time BURN STREET, with 15 properties thereon, was so name in recognition
of the burn which then flowed through the Cross area, under a bridge in the centre of the Cross
and down Burn Street, eventually to discharge to the Water of Fail in proximity
to Tarboth Mill (Willie's Mill).

The burn remains but is now contained with an underground culvert in the original course.

Though often referred to as BURNS STREET
it is not actually named after the National Bard - Robert Burns.
The Street is locally known as the 'Bakers Brae' recognising more recent relevance.

('Burn' is a Scots word for stream)

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