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J. E. H. MacDonald

J. E. H MACDONALD 1873-1932 

MacDonald, one of Canada's outstanding artists, lived here 
1913-1932. Born in Durham, England, of Canadian parents, 
he came with his family to Hamilton in 1887 Though 
his formal art training was limited, he became one of the 
founders of the "Group of Seven" and participated in most of 
its exhibitions. MacDonald's impressive painting. "A Tangled 
Garden", shown in the 1916 Ontartio Society of Artists exhibit- 
ion, strongly indicated the development of his later style In 1929 
he was appointed Principal of the Ontario College of Art, a 
position he held until his death. His extraordinary sense of 
colour and design vividly interpreted the Canadian landscape 
in such outstanding paintings as "The Elements", "The Solemn 
Land" and "Mountatn Snowfall, Lake Oesa". 

Submitted by Gilda Spitz

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