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Whiskey Hill

Upper Plaque:


Whiskey Hill

1861     1877

A tiny village where violence, hangings,

drinking, and bull and bear fights were

part of daily life. Located on the old

Santa Cruz Road, which crossed a portion

of the San Andreas and Corralitos ran-

chos. As the town became more civilized,

the name was changed to Freedom.

Dedicated this October 16, 1982 with

The cooperation of the Pajaro Valley

Historical Association, Monterey Viejo

Chapter 1846, E Clampus Vitus


Lower Plaque:

Originally erected in the

rear (outside corner) of the

Whiskey Hill Saloon, the

plaque above was torn

apart when the bar owner

realized that even with

this plaque, his bar was not

a Clamper “Watering Hole.”

The plaque survived; the

bar did not. Re-erected here

at the Wooden Nickel Bar &

Grill in recognition of its

status as the last

remaining bar in Freedom

and in celebration of the

spirits of Whiskey Hill.

Dedicated once and again on

June 27, 1998

El Viceroy Marques de

Branciforte Chapter 1797

E Clampus Vitus


Submitted by: Flying Robot

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