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Ohio Company of Associates


The United States in concress assembled on the 13th day of July in the year of our Lord 1787 and of their sovereignty and independece the twelfth, enacted an ordinance for the government of the territory northwest of the river Ohio, by which it was dedicated forever to freedom.

Under another ordinance passed here by the same body on the 27th day of the same month, Manasseh Cutler, acting for "the Ohio Company of Associates" an organization of soliders of the Revolutionary Army, purchased from the Board of Treasure for settlement a portion of the waste and vacant land of the territory on April 7th, 1788 Rufus Putnam heading a party of forty eight began the first settlement at Marietta, and on July 15th Arthur St. Clair as first Governor established civil government in the territory.

From these beginning sprang the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michicigan, and Wisconsin.

Directors of the Ohio Company 1787 [...]

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