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Moncure Daniel Conway


Moncure Daniel Conway was born on March 17, 1832 in Stafford
County, Virginia, the son of Walker Peyton and Margaret Daniel
Conway. His father was a wealthy slaveholder and prominent 
state legislator and county court justice official while his mother, 
who opposed slavery, introduced her son to abolitionism. Conway 
graduated from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania in 1849 and 
from Harvard Divinity School in 1854. Despite his southern 
aristocratic ba kground, Conway, influence by his mentor and 
friend Ralph Waldo Emerson, strongly opposed slavery and even-
tually religious orthodoxy. Much of Conway's career was spent 
abroad, where he became a writer and scholar, writing such 
notable biographies as Emerson at Home and Abroad (1882), Life 
of Nathaniel Hawthorne (1890) and Life of Thomas Paine (1892).
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