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Major John W. Powell Memorial Plaque

This is a very unique plaque in that it is in the middle of nowhere and you must do some “canyoneering” to get to it. It sits at the bottom of a route called “Fat Man’s Misery”, just outside Zion National Park (37 10.87′N 112 51.76′W) and along the Virgin River. Here is what it says:
Memorial. Major John W. Powell (1834-1902), explorer-scientist. Stephen V. Jones (1840-1920), teacher-topographer. Pres. Joseph A. Young (1829-1873), Mormon pioneer leader. Descended Labyrinth Falls 1/2 mile below – Mon. Sep.30, 1872 during first Parunuweap Canyon traverse. Powell named this canyon from the Paiute Indian word Parunuweap which means “Roaring River Canyon”. Dedicated Sep.30, 1972.

Here is a link to the route information for Misery Canyon: http://authors.library.caltech.edu/25058/2/swhikes/misery.htm

I don’t know much about the history of the trip Powell was on, but it was cool to find the plaque in the middle of nowhere after a long day.

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