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Laura Owens, "I🍕NY"

(b. 1970, Euclid, OH)



Handmade glazed ceramic tiles and grout
Commissioned by LaGuardia Gateway Partners for Terminal B in partnership with Public Art Fund.
More information at LaguardiaB.com & PublicArtFund.org/LGA

Laura Owens' tiled mosaic mural considers every curve, corner, and plane of the airport's largest interior wall, transforming it into a celebration of New York City. Against a brilliant blue sky filled with illustrative clouds, Owens depicts dozens of iconic images in a motif that evokes the potential New York City conjures in the public imagination.

Representing the city's historic public artworks, treasured landmarks, popular snacks, and everyday sights, the mural also includes many symbols of the expansive transit network that connects them all. The colossal work synthesizes her unique painterly style with the artisan craft of handmade ceramic and the visual language of digital image-making. This dynamic composition changes with our point of view, as recognizable images seen from afar become gridded abstractions when seen in proximity, dissolving into impressionistic colors and out-of-focus glimpses of our imagined city.

Submitted by @lampbane

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