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Larry “Legend” Bird “33″

While visiting Boston with a group of friends on a school trip, I made all 26 of my peers stop so I would be able to capture this plaque. As an enthusiastic Boston sports fan, whose otherwise international parents met and married in Boston, I was caught by this plaque not by my first, nor second trip but specifically on my third; specifically in spite of the fact that I had mindlessly blown over it the first two times. The most interesting part of the plaque is the discoloration of it by the right shoe were it’s tradition for tourists to plant their foot and size up to the Legend, himself. The Larry “Legend” Bird plaque is located seclusively off to the side along the path that runs through the famous Quincy Market in Boston, MA – right next to the Arnold “Red” Auerbach plaque, which I’ll save for another day…

It reads: “Larry Bird was a badass.”

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