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Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Replacing an earlier bridge that was carried away
in a spring flood, the Harpersfield Covered Bridge
was built in 1868 and spans the Grand River, a
state-designated wild, and scenic river. This bridge,
which currently carries County Road No. 154
(Harpersfield Road), is a two-span wooden Howe
truss bridge, with center pier. The great flood of
1913 washed away the northern approach and it
was at this time that the additional 140 foot steel
truss was added. Extensive rehabilitation in 1992
included strengthening the lower chords, lowering
and replacing the floor, and adding a cantilevered
walkway. The 228-foot-long Harpersfield Bridge is
the longest covered bridge in Ohio and is on the
National Register of Historic Places.


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