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Gin Office

Many twentieth century commercial gins had a separate building, or office, for weighing cotton and record keeping. Every customers wagon was weighed upon entering (full of cotton) and when leaving (empty) the gin yard. The weight was recorded on a ticket that was passed through slots in the wall. The difference in weights was the amount of cotton and seed that were processed in the gin.
In addition to scales and records, the gin office also held the farmers' cotton samples after the bales were sent to the warehouse.
This office was relocated from the Galliard Gin and donated by the J.P. Brown family. Behind this office is the new building housing the equipment from Kinnebrew Gin of Homer, Louisiana.

"We went on vacation once a year each child was allowed to ride to the gin on the wagon. We would get one soda pop and a trip to the gin. We looked forward to that more than kids going to Florida today"
--Troy Lee Sullivan

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