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Genl. Philemon Thomas

To the Memory ofGenl. Philemon Thomaswho was bornin Orange County, VA.Feb. 9th, 1763and diedIn Baton Rouge La.Nov. 18th, 1847. He was a soldier of the

To the 
Memory of
Genl. Philemon Thomas
who was born
in Orange County, VA.
Feb. 9th, 1763
and died
In Baton Rouge La.
Nov. 18th, 1847.

He was a soldier of the "76, and of "14, a member 
of the Convention that framed the Constitution
of Kentucky and a member of her Legislature.
He removed to Louisiana in 1806
Commanded the forces which captured the
Spanish fort at Baton Rouge in 1810. Served
many years in the Legislature of Louisiana,
and was twice elected to the Congress of the
U.S. Throughout his career, he was called 
a Patriot and a good citizen, we knew him 
to be a kind Father and a firm Christian.

"Sic tibi in Terra levis."

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