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Foundation Stone of Canberra

Plaque reads:

'The Foundation Stone of the Federal Capital City

The stone monument located on the grassed area to the north of this site commemorates the official founding and naming of the Federal Capital City on 12 March 1913.

To mark the occasion three stones were laid by the Governor General Lord Denman, the Prime Minister Andrew Fisher and the Minister of State for Home Affairs King O'Malley 

The stones form part of what was intended to be the base of a Commencement Column.

After the stones had been laid, the Federal Capital City was named "Canberra" by Lady Denham, the wife of the Governor General. As a result 12 March is now celebrated as Canberra Day.

The monument consists of six stone blocks  representing each of the original States. A four sided granite obelisk 8m in height and symbolising the four corners of the British Empire was to rise above the base, but owing to the outbreak of World War I was not constructed. In place  of the column a stone cap was added in the late 1950s.

The Foundation Stone was originally sited on Capital Hill, where the Forecourt of Parliament House now lies. It was relocated to its present site and rededicated on 12 March 1988.'

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