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Crown Metal Products Narrow Gauge Locomotive #2 "Sequoyah"

This locomotive represents the pinnacle of success for Crown Metal Products, one of America's largest producers of amusement park trains from the 1960s to the 1990s. The company was founded by Ken Williams, who began by manufacturing 15 inch and 24 inch gauge trains for the amusement park industry. Eventually Crown Metal moved to build full 36 inch narrow gauge trains, of which 21 were built. This particular locomotive, Number 2, so designated because it was the second build in the series, was built in 1964 for Six Gun Territory at Frontierland, an amusement park in Cherokee, North Carolina.

The locomotive is a two-thirds size replica of the "William Crooks,” the first locomotive to go into service in Minnesota in 1861, and represents the American standard 4-4-0 design. Since Ken Williams knew that these real steam locomotives would be operated by amateurs, they were all overbuilt with very strong components. Thus, most of them are still in service today. Eventually Frontierland closed, unable to stand the competition from Dollywood after it opened on the other side of the Smoky Mountains. The train was put up for sale and was purchased by Mr. Leroy Harvey, who brought it to Jackson to be the centerpiece of the Old Hickory Railroad. Here it was converted from coal burning to propane.

The photo at right shows # 2 at the factory in 1964 ready for shipment to its first home in North Carolina. Behind the engine can be seen two of the train's six coaches bearing the "6 Gun” logo. Upon arrival in Jackson the coaches were modified with solid steel side panels. One was cut in half to make the two Highlands trolleys, which may be seen elsewhere in Jackson.

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