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Convair F-102A "Delta Dagger" 1956-1977

Type: Supersonic InterceptorWeight: 31,559 lbs, loadedArmament: Twenty-four– unguided 2.75” RocketsSix – Hughes

Type: Supersonic Interceptor
Weight: 31,559 lbs, loaded
Armament: Twenty-four– unguided 2.75” Rockets
Six – Hughes "Falcon” Missiles
Engine: Pratt & Whitney J57-P23 Axial Flow Gas Turbine 16,000 lb Thrust with Afterburner
Max Speed: 810 mph at 54,000 ft
Range: 1,000 miles
Service Ceiling: 55,000 ft
Crew: 1
Number built: 875

The F-102 was the world's first supersonic all-weather jet interceptor. Onboard electronic equipment located enemy aircraft signaling the radar to guide the jet into position for attack where, at the proper moment, the electronic fire control system would automatically fire the air to air rockets and missiles.

The F-102 was flown ty the Louisiana Air National Guard from 1 July 1960 to 5 December 1970 when it was replaced by the F-100D Super Sabre.

This aircraft (SN: 53-1787) is on loan from the United States Air Force Museum. Object ID# 666277

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