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The Coffin of Hentry Trigg

37 High Street, Stevenage SG1 3AR

The Coffin of Henry Trigg

High up in the roof of this building
rests a coffin which at one time
contained the body of

His will (1724) specified that his body
was to be 'decently laid there,
upon a floor in the roof'. 

It is said that Henry Trigg was so afraid of grave robbers and body snatchers that he made it a condition of his will that his coffin be stored in the rafters of his heir's barn. The barn eventually became the Old Castle Inn, then for many years a branch of NatWest bank, and now (March 2019) a dental practice, but the coffin remains in the building. 

Submitted by the Revd Ruth Carroll, vicar of Holy Trinity Stevenage

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