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Chautauqua Buildings

In its heyday, Chautauqua Park boasted of eighty-eight cottages surrounding the Tabernacle, a grocery, a restaurant, and a forty-room hotel. Before its demise in 1917, the Chautauqua Assembly attracted people from across the United States with ten trains making daily stops in Crystal Springs with passengers bound for Chautauqua.
Over the years after the Chautauqua Assembly had disbanded in Crystal Springs, the hotel, cottages and most other buildings fell into disrepair, were moved or demolished. The Round House represents the shell of the former restaurant which used to serve over one hundred people at a time. It is still used today as an open air pavilion by local residents for birthday parties, reunions and other functions.
Through the efforts of many volunteers with funding provided for or leveraged by the City of Crystal Springs, park activities and events, progress has been made toward redeveloping and restoring Chautauqua Park to its former glory.

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