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The Domestic Slave Trade

 Beginning in the seventeenth century, millions of African people 
were kidnapped, sold into slavery, and shipped to the Americas as 
part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. in 1808, the United States 
Congress banned the importation of slaves from Africa. At the same 
time, the high price of cotton and the development of the cotton
gin caused the demand for slave labor to skyrocket in the Lower 
South. The Domestic Slave Trade was created to meet this demand. 
Over the next fifty years. slave traders forcibly transferred 
hundreds of thousands of slaves from the Upper South to Alabama 
and the Lower South. Between 1808 and 1860. the enslaved 
population of Alabama grew from less than 40.000 to more than 
435,000. Alabama had one of the largest slave populations in 
America at the start of the Civil War.


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