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St. Paul Baptist Church

Organized 1867; one of founding churches (1872), Zion District Baptist Association. Original pastor, the Rev. Elisha Barnes (1811-95), served 20 years, led congregation to build (about 1876) its first church. The Rev. C. N. Hampton, pastor 1895-1920, saw a brick edifice erected, lost in 1916 Paris fire. Present church was finished under the Rev. J. H. Harris. Other pastors: W. M. Conner, L. M. Luke, C. B. Martin, S. A. Tillman, J. R. Miner, L. V. Bolton, J. A. Brown, M. J. Stewart, B. S. Peoples, T. J. Houston, L. K. Kimbrough, E. Rhodes, V. C. L. Coleman, J. E. Coby, S. K. Bizzell, H. M. McCown, L. H. Brown, W. E. Bradford, and W. S. Wright. Incise on back of marker: Church officers, 1973: W. M. Wortham, chairman, Board of Deacons; L. C. Pruitt, chairman of trustees; Ralph Rodgers, financial secretary, Jesse L. Mathis, treasurer; Mrs. Sweet M. Ferguson, clerk.

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