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Nagasaki Peace Park sculpture by Naoki Tominaga

One of the more than 50 peace monuments in Nagasaki Peace Park is a sculpture by Naoki Tominaga depicting a stricken child sleeping in her mother's warm embrace.  "Embodied in the monument is the sculptor's reminder that the child is like Japan on the day of the atomic bombing, while the mother represents the support provided by the countries of the world in Japan's efforts to build the peaceful nation that it has become today."  This plaque and its statue were placed near the center of the atomic bombing hypocenter to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the detonation of the atomic bomb.  It also reminds us that approximately 70% of the victims of the bomb were children, women and senior citizens.  The Peace Park is a place for prayer and remembrance, housing monuments sent from all over the world as symbols of dedication to world peace.

Submitted by:  Janet Erickson


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