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Monument To The Fallen Of Cecina (Monumento Ai Caduti Di Cecina)

Monumento Ai Caduti Di Cecina Monument To The Fallen Of Cecina

I have close ups of the plaques but chose to post a photo of the overall statue. Impressive stuff.

Left side plaque reads:' A ricordo perenne dei prodi che del loro sangue purissmo rafforzarono le vene d'Italia'  To the perpetual memory of the proud that their blood purissima strengthened the veins of Italy

Middle reads ' 21 Octobre 1923

' Terra Di El Alamein in memoria de Caduti' ' El Alamein War Memorial'

Left reads: ' Piu che questa pietra che il trionfante sacrifiicio simbolggia E'duratura la gloria dei morti per la patria'

More than this stone that the triumphant sacrifice symbolizes He is the glory of the dead for the homeland

Submitted by: @IanThorp 


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