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European farmers settled in this area first in 
the 1790s. The Gold Lion Inn was built in 
1824 at the southwest corner of today's 
Sheppard Avenue and Yonge Street, which 
became the centre of a small community. In 
1860, a large, brick general store was built on 
the northwest corner. Six years later, the 
"Lansing" post office opened in the store. 
During the late 19th century, other shops 
opened north and south on Yonge Street. 

Following the extension of the electric street 
railway in 1896, the surrounding farm fields 
gave way to residential streets. Lansing 
rapidly expanded in the 1950s, with the widening of Yonge Street and the opening
of nearby Highway 401. In 1974, the Sheppard station opened as part of the 
Yonge subway extension, and the neighbourhood developed into a high-rise, densely 
populated community.


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