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King's Orange Rangers, 1775-1782


1775 - 1783

This Royal Provincial (Loyalist) Regiment was raised in New
York in 1775. It saw action in New Jersey and New York and
was redeployed to Nova Scotia in November 1778. On
December 13, Captain John Howard's Company came to
Liverpool to protect against depredations by rebel American
privateers. KOR soldiers sailed on local vessels against the
enemy and travelled by foot and boat along the South Shore in
pursuit of rebels and deserters. On September 13, 1780, two
KOR soldiers traitorously assisted American privateer Captain
Benjamin Cole in capturing Fort Point. The local militia under
Colonel Perkins drove the rebels out restoring the KOR to its
garrison. There was considerable intermarriage between local
women and KOR soldiers many of whom remained in Nova
Scotia after the war. The regiment left Liverpool in August
1783 and was disbanded later that year. This plaque is
dedicated to the King's Orange Rangers and their families by
the KOR Re-enactment Society.


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