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James Ward Public School

Chicago Landmark 
James Ward Public School 
Johnston and Edelmann (1874-75); 
Normand S. Patton (1897) 
John C. Christensen (1924), architects 
1874-75, additions 1897 and 1924 

The earliest section (at corner) of James Ward Public School is 
Chicago's oldest school building still in use as a school. It was 
built in 1875 and designed by noted Chicago architect John 
Edelmann, who developed a prototype design to replace schools 
destroyed in the Chicago Fire. It is a handsome Italianate-style 
building with decorative lintels and cornice and was named for 
James Ward, an important early figure in the development of 
Chicago's public school system. Later additions were designed 
in compatible architectural styles by Chicago Board of Education 

Designated on September 14, 2005 
Richard M. Daley, Mayor 
Commission on Chicago Landmarks 
Submitted by @zachmortice

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