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This plaque appears beside a large stone structure called an Inukshuk, along the English Bay seawall in Vancouver BC, Canada. The plaque reads:

"This ancient symbol of the Inuit culture is traditionally used as a landmark and navigational aid and also represents northern hospitality and friendship. Constructed of grey granite by Alvin Kanak of Rankin Inlet, this monument was commissioned by The Government of the Northwest Territories for its Pavilion as EXPO 86 and later given to the City of Vancouver. In 1987, the Inukshuk was moved to this site and sponsored as a gift to the City by Coast Hotels through the Vancouver Legacies Program. 

In 2006, Coast Hotels continued its long-standing support within the community by generously funding the lighting of the Inukshuk making this welcoming symbol visible at night.

Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation"

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver chose the Inukshuk as its graphic symbol for all sorts of promotional materials.

Submitted by Gilda Spitz 

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