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In Memory of Victoria's Fire Fighters


In Memory of Victoria's Fire Fighters

This bell, cast in 1873 at the foundry of William Blews & Sons, Birmingham, England, was used to call fire fighters to duty during the late 1800s in Victoria. It is dedicated to the sacred memory of Victoria's fire fighters, of all generations, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of organized fire protection at Fort Victoria on August 5th 1858. 

Died in the Line of Duty

Joseph Lund, Age 28, Died September 1, 1918

Fred Medley, Age 34, Died October 24, 1925

John D. Pucker, Age 42, Died April 21, 1945

Leonard Harper, Age 23, Died December 8, 1947

May They Rest in Peace

Unveiled August 2nd 2008


For more information, the standard history of Victoria's fire department is Dave Parker's First Water, Tigers! The Victoria Fire Department, 1858-2008, published by the Victoria Fire Department Historical Society in 2008.


Submitted by: Vincent Gornall

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