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In Memory of Sally Martinez Martin

In memory of Sallie Martinez Martin, for the dedication of this cannon on December 16, 2006, in honor of her great-grandfather, Johann Dreystadt, and the preservation of the history of Springfield, LA. Johann was born December 23, 1831 in Lauterbach, Saarland, Germany. He stowed away to America, and settled in Springfield circa 1850. He changed his name to John Threeton, and married Lucinda Hall in 1857. They had 11 children and he supported them as a carpenter. His patriotism led him to volunteer for the Confederate Army on April 18, 1862 as a P.V.T. with the Caruthers' Sharp Shooter's Co. D 9th Battalion La. Inf. He was released from duty in 1864 and lived out his life helping others and enjoying the community and its celebrations. During the West Florida Revolution a cannon was left at the fort in Springfield and it was ceremoniously fired each July 4th. John attempted to fire the cannon on July 4th, 1887 and it exploded, killing him instantly. John is buried in the Springfield Cemetery but his legend lives.

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