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Grampians Grave Marker

This grave and the plaque are behind the Halls Gap Caravan Park.  It is the only grave in the area and although old, is maintained by locals.

The Plaque reads:

A short life....

The Folkes family operated a local sawmill here,

supplying timber for surrounding farms, fences

and mines.  It was a harsh and isolated life.

Aged only three months, little Agnes Folkes dies

of Diptheria.  Her parents were unable to ride

through flooded creeks to reach the doctor.

Her father made a small coffin of local timber

and buried her here, hear their log homestead.

Timber harvesting finally ceased in the

Grampians National Park in June 1995.


Many reminders of past activities remain in the park.

Ask at the National Parks Visitor Centre for more details.


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