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Farley Mowat


Farley Mowat was born in Ontario in 1921. He spent the formative years of his youth in Saskatoon. He served with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment as did his father Angus Mowat. He enlisted in 1941 as a Private and left in 1945 as a Captain. He graduated from the University of Toronto. He travelled to the Arctic as an ornithologist but his first book, PEOPLE OF THE DEER, published in 1952, deals with the plight of Canada's indigenous people. He has written over 40 books during his career and many have been translated into 26 languages.

He is a dedicated defender of wildlife and wilderness.

Farley Mowat is a soldier, sailor, patriot and naturalist, an outstanding writer and always a proud Canadian. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada and a Patron of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Artist: George Bartholomew Boileau

Donated for

Arthur and Reta Rhodes

and daughter Elaine

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