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David R. Pinn Community Center



After the Civil War. a small community of African

Americans lived on Route 654, now known as Zion

Drive. The Wrights, Hamiltons, Whites, and Finns

were farmers and laborers. In 1904. David R. &

Sarah F. Pinn donated an acre of land to build

Little Bethel Baptist Church. In 1946. the church

building was purchased by the Immediate Relief

Association, which helped neighbors in need. The

Sideburn Civic Community Association acquired

the parcel in l975. and the David R. Pinn Community

Center was established. After more than 100 years.

many of the descendants of the original families

continue to live in this community.


This plaque is for a community center in Fairfax on Zion drive. The center is still there today. The plaque was published in 2009. 

Submitted by: DD

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