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City of Yarra Commemoration Plaque

Plaque on the former City of Richmond Town Hall.

City of Yarra

This Plaque commemorates the creation of the



22nd June 1994

and celebrates its return to democratically elected government


16 March 1996

The City of Yarra is constituted from the former Cities of

Richmond,Collingwood, Fitzroy and parts of the Cities of Melbourne and Northcote.


Councillor John Phillips


Cr. Linda Hoskins (Mayor 1997/98)                         Cr John Sawyer (Mayore 1996/97)

Cr Li Hiam Lai                                                       Cr Ray Thomas

Cr James Martakis                                                 Cr Stephen Watson

Cr Marion Macleod                                                 Cr Robyn Williams


Prue Digby

Chief Executive Officer

26th January 1999


Submitted by: @gregorystorer

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