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California's Original Constitutional

Colton Hall - Site of California's Original Constitution

Forty-eight men of diverse education and cultural backgrounds from
throughout California converged upon Monterey in September in 1849 to frame
a constitutional government for California, Working together as Californians
they created this important cornerstone of government. The deliberations,
conducted in English and Spanish, took place in Colton Hall, On October 13,
1849, the delegates signed and submitted a state constitution to the people of
California, It was ratified by popular vote on November 13, 1849.

The 1849 Constitution was notable in that it featured articles on suffrage,
women's property rights, prohibition of slavery, establishment of the state's
eastern boundary, and specified that all laws and ordinances would be published
in English and Spanish. On September 9, 1850, the Congress of the United
States of American approved the constitution, making California the 31st state.

California State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution March 7, 2010


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