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Australian Rural Police Cells

These Police Cells were originally located at the rear of the former Maroondah Highway police station destroyed by fire in 1994.

They are typical of the style used in rural areas of Victoria over a long period. 

At Healesville, one cell built in 1866 is described as 'a portable lock up 10 feet square comprised of wood and iron put together with bolts and bars well-secured and fastened'.

Constable Michael Tevlin came to Healesville in 1876 and remained as the officer-in-charge for many years.

The cells, especially during the construction of the railways in the 1880s when large numbers of navvies lived in camps on the outskirts of the town, were in regular short term use. They were known locally with some affection as the 'Hotel de Tevlin'! By 1930 three cells existed at the rear of the Police Station, two described as in good repair, and one as unserviceable.

After the fire at the police station the Victorian Police Department, with the support of local police Sergent, Neville Wilmott, donated the two good cells to the Healesville and District Historical Society.

The Society organised the move to the present site in 1997 with the considerable help of local volunteer contractors.

An undated report from Police Archives stated "Lockups should be preserved - very few wooden lockups remain. One at Geelong, one at Bendigo, neither portable. May not be any other portable lockups in Victoria."

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