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Killen Field

Louisiana High School Hall of Famer, R.S. Killen, coached from 1924-1950. In 1944, this stadium was named Killen Field in his honor. The name was revoked in 1953 due to a state law barring ...

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Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

Well known for his expertise on the guitar and his multi-genre music, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown had a recording career that spanned more than 50 years. Born in Vinton, Louisiana, he and his family ...

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The Keewatin Rockholes

"The Keewatin Rockholes About 18,000 years ago an extensive sheet of thick continental glacial ice, referred to as the Laurentide Ice Sheet, covered 90 percent of Canada including Lake of the ...

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Nine O'Clock Gun

"NINE O'CLOCK GUN This gun is a naval type twelve pound muzzle-loader. Cast in 1816 at Woolwich, England, it was brought to Vancouver about 1894. The crests of King George III and of the Earl ...

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History of the Carillon

Netherlands Centennial Carillon "History of the Carillon In the Middle Ages, bells became part of Europe's religious soundscape. Travelling foundry workers cast huge bells on site for the ...

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The State of Georgia Salutes

Submitted by Gilda Spitz.

    Edith Wharton in Paris

    In this building lived from 1910 to 1920 Edith Wharton American novelist 1862-1937 She was the first novelist from the United States who emigrated to France, out of love for this country and its ...

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      Dueling Berkeley Plaques, or 'Plaque and Anti-Plaque'

      One of these plaques is a very common Berkeley type: local architectural heritage enthusiasts have put up a marker celebrating what their plaque says was the long-time home of renowned ...

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      First Railway in Western Canada

      On December 3, 1878, the last spike was driven at this site in Dominion City (Rural Municipality of Franklin) to complete the first railway line built in the Canadian West. Known as the Pembina ...

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      Fort Humboldt

      The plaque text: Fort Humboldt By the early 1850s, newly arrived white settlers had moved into the Humboldt Bay Area, causing conflict with the native inhabitants. To protect both Indians ...

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      Union Plankwalk Railtrack and Wharf Co.

        Plaque text:   Be it known that at this site in Dec. 1854 work began on the Union Plankwalk Railtrack and Wharf Co. The railroad, in use by Jan. 1855, was the earliest operating state authorized ...

        T.F. Green Airport

        T.F. Greene Airport

          Canal Westchester

            OHIO HISTORICAL MARKER CANAL WINCHESTER AND THE OHIO AND ERIE CANAL You are standing on the site of Ohio and Erie Canal. The canal helped to open the interior of Ohio to tradeand settlement ...

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          Jean Robertson

          Dedicated to Jean Robertson April 1, 1958 - November 7, 2017 This herb bed reflects the skill, hard work and gardening aesthetics that Jean brought to this garden and to all her projects. It is an ...

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          Alice Frances House Library

          Alice Frances House Library Given by Senator Royal Samuel Copeland to the village of Dexter Michigan 1926.   Modeled from New England libraries. Originally the first Post Office   Submitted ...

            First Inauguration

            First Inauguration Isaac Shelby was inaugurated as the first governor of Kentucky, June 4, 1792, at building on West Main Street; built as a market house, 1791-92. After Kentucky's admission ...

              West Observation Terrace

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              Destination: The Pacific

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              Point Richmond Historic District 145 Park Place

                Wampus Cat

                Wampus Cat A mythical, cat-like creature with six legs: four for running at the speed of light, two for fighting with all its might.

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                Lexington Silversmith Shop

                Silversmith Shop On this site, 1810-1838, was shop of Asa Blanchard, the most noted of Kentucky’s silversmiths. Blanchard silver was as prized in Kentucky as that of Paul Revere in New England. Among ...

                  Transit Corridor, Griffith Observatory

                    Nora Boston

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