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The Willow Bunch - Big Muddy Trail

49°07'50.2"N 105°08'35.2"W The Willow Bunch - Big Muddy Trail This trail traversed the region between Willow Bunch and Big Muddy, providing a route for local transportation as well as a link with the Wood Mountain-Fort Qu'Appelle trail. By 1874, at Willow Bunch, a number of buffalo hunters and their families had settled, another settlement established itself at Big Muddy. This trail was used by the N.W.M.P., Indians, outlaws, and settlers. Sitting Bull and his followers also used the trail. This cairn is dedicated to all those who travelled this trail. Department of Natural Resources 1967 This cairn was erected by the South Country Buckaroos, 4-H Horse Club in cooperation with the Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources

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