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State Theatre 1937


Redwood Theatre Group, headed by George M. Mann and Morgan A. Walsh, 
developed the State Theatre, which brought luxury, sophistication, fantasy 
and feature Hollywood films to Woodland for several generations of movie 
goers. It was designed in the progressive Streamline Moderne style by 
William B. David, who had recently left the S. Charles Lee studio in Los 
Angeles. The two small storefronts were occupied by a soda fountain and 
The Stork baby store. Second generation owner, Richard Mann, converted 
the storefronts to movie screens in the 1970s to compete with multiplex 
theaters. The State Theatre ran continuously, with a succession of operators, 
until it went dark in 2010. 

Responding to community interest in preserving the State Theatre, in 2012 
the City of Woodland purchased the aged theater from Richard Mann and 
eventually sold it to Cinema West. The City contributed funds for the project 
and completed streetscape improvements along Main Street. Under the 
direction of owner Dave Corkill, Cinema West renovated the State Theatre 
including reintroducing the neon tower and marquee removed from the 
theater in the 1960s. An eight screen addition was built with a new entrance 
and café, while cutting edge technology was installed throughout the theater 
complex for 21st century cinema enjoyment. The architect for the renovation 
and expansion project was The Henry Architects, Inc. of Seattle, WA. 

The State Theatre Multiplex held its grand opening in 2017, eighty years after 
It originally opened.

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