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Roseisle School History 1892-1992

This plaque is located in front of the Roseisle School building. There is a bench in front of the plaque for sitting and reflecting.


1892   The R.M. of Dufferin responded to a deputation from the west end of the municipality and granted leave to form a school district in Township 6 Range 7W. None of this territory had previously been part of a school district.

1894    The first school was built on N.W.21-6-7W, a mile west of the present village. The school was named after the existing post office in the area.

1901    The railway arrived and Roseisle began to be developed on its present site.

1912    A bylaw to issue debentures to raise six thousand dollars to build and furnish a new school at the village of Roseisle was passed.

1914    The school was built on its present site, and some of the small surrounding school districts consolidated with Roseisle.

1920    The Roseisle School burned down, another debenture issue was raised for twenty two thousand dollars to rebuild the school.

1921    The school was rebuilt on the same site.

1968    Roseisle School District No. 726 became part of Midland School Division No. 25.

1992    Roseisle School closed due to declining enrollment.

Dedicated in July 2003 to the area pioneers, community leaders, school trustees, Roseisle School teachers and students.

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