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Prospect Hill Plaque

The American Army Under General Putname on June 17, 1775 Withdrew from Bunker Hill to this height and here erected the Citadel The srongest work In the beseiging lines of Boston And which for the nine months withstood The British Bombardment June 17, 1774 to March 17, 1776 Here on July 18, 1775 Was raised amid great rejoicing the flag Presented to General Israel Putnam and his herioc soldiers Bearing the motto of Connecticut "Qui Transtulit Sustinet" And of Massachusetts, "An appeal to Heaven." From this aminence on January 1, 1775 The flag of the United Colonies Bearing thirteen stripes and the crosses of Saint George and Saint Andrew First waved defiance to a foe. "The Flower of the British Army" Prisoners of War Who surrendered at Saratoga Were quartered on this hill From November 7, 1777 to October 18, 1778 Guarded by American troops under General William Heath. On this historic hill Answering their country's call in 1862 Encamped the soldiers of Somerville Whose record of patriotism and fortitude in the Civil War Is Worthy of highest honor and commemoration. @jeffreydmyers

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