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Potter's Grocery

This little one room store belonged to Mr. Isaac "Ike" Potter, a life-long resident of Lecompte. He was born in July 1895 and died in October 1972. He opened the store in the early 1950s after he retired as a mechanic from Roby Motor Company in Lecompte, and it closed after he died. He sold soft drinks, snacks, snow cones, dry goods and canned goods. The little store was located near the intersections of Canal and Holly Streets, across from the Lecompte High School baseball field. He sold many of his items through the little wooden window which he would open and close to serve his customers. Decades of students bought their cold drinks and snacks through this little window during recess and during baseball games. "Mr. Potter" was a well-known figure in town. He lived next door to the store with his wife Emma. The store was bought by the Town of Lecompte and long time Mayor Sherman Roberts had it moved to this location in 1994 for preservation. The Lecompte Lions Club helped to repaint and repair the store after it was moved here.

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