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Point Atkinson Lighthouse


Site named by Capt. Vancouver June 14, 1792. 

Wall of original tower, built in 1874, still stands near present tower, completed in 1912.

Tower 60 ft high - light 108 ft above high water

Light beam - a 500 Watt bulb

Foghorn range - 10 miles

First white child born in West Vancouver at Lighthouse Apr. 25, 1876 - James Atkinson Woodward, son of first keeper - Edwin Woodward.

Presented 1967 by Ray Edwin Woodward, grandson of Edwin Woodward.


1875-1880 Edwin Woodward

1880 R. Wellwood

1880-1910 W. Erwin

1910-1933 T. Grafton

1933-1934 L. Grafton

1934-1961 E. Dawe


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