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Petro House

1118 Jefferson Street   
Built 1832

Architectural Style: Eclectic Revival & Craftsman 

Joseph S. Petro, Sr. and Florida Dominique Petro built this
house after many years of success with their Freetown grocery
store and rental properties. They owned and operated their
grocery together from the time they were married in 1926 and
they built the store located at 600 Lamar Street, now called
Acadian Superette. The Petro name originates in Castile, Spain
with variations on spelling that include Perez, Petrez, Petriz,
Pedrez and others. It is an ancient Spanish name, originating
between 420 AD and 711 AD. Mrs. Florida Petro was born in
Saint Martinville to parents of Lebanese descent. Her mother
was an Azar whose family ancestry can be traced back through
the chiefs of the Tribe of Ghassan back to Noah's son, Shem. The
Petros, like many early families in Freetown were known for
their generosity of time and resources. Florida Petro was well
known for her phenomenal fundraising, her amazing cooking,
and for providing a home filled with singing, dancing, and
unconditional love for family, extended family and friends. She
also tirelessly gave her time to Saint Jude's Children's Hospital
and was a beloved leader in the Cedars Club of Lafayette.

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