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Notre Dame des Victoires Québec

(In French) Historic and archaeological site of the resident of Samuel de Champlain.

It is on this strategic location, frequented by Native Americans for around 3000 years, Samuel de Champlain founded the trading post of Quebec, on 3 July 1608. There he erected a wooden house that was rebuilt in stone in 1682. Between 1633 to 1682, this building served as a store before being destroyed in a fire. The church of Notre-Dame-des-Victories was built on a part of the remains of the [Champlain] residence around 1688.

This symbolic place recalls the first permanent French settlement in America. It reflects the work of Champlain, the foundation of Quebec City, and the birth of New France.

This site was classified 27 March 2008 by the Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women.

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