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Metzenbaum Courthouse

Howard M. Metzenbaum

On May 27, 1998 this building was rededicated to honor the achievements of Howard M. Metzenbaum who served this State and our Nation as a member of the Ohio General Assembly and through three terms in the United States Senate.

His career was forged in the crucible of this time: the battle for civil rights at home and human rights abroad; debates on the role of the judiciary and the equality of law; and the struggle to produce a strong economy that nurtures a humane society.

He gave voice to citizens whose views often go unheard and led causes without regard for popularity polls.  He came to be recognized as one of the formidable lawmakers of his era, respected for his integrity and regarded for an intellect that crossed party lines and ideological boundaries.

Born June 4, 1917 in Cleveland, he attended public schools and went on to earn degrees in liberal arts and law from Ohio State University.  Returning to Cleveland in 1941, he founded a law firm and two years later began a political career that would cover 27 years in public service.  He retired from the United States Senate in 1994.  He and his wife Shirley observed their 50th wedding anniversary in 1996 with their four daughters and nine grandchildren attending.

In recognition of his distinguished service to community and country, Public Law 105-123 was passed by Congress and signed by President William J. Clinton on December 1, 1997, naming this building the Howard M. Metzenbaum United States Courthouse.


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Bryan Arnold


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