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Kim's Video

"The only video store that makes sense for New Yorkers" - Original Kim's Video slogan

From 1986 to 2012, film lovers from around the world would flock to the East Village to browse the legendarily diverse and esoteric catalog of Kim's Video. One of the largest video collections in the world, the Kim's Video archive has close to 55,000 of the deepest cuts and the hardest-to-find selections and many are not and may never be available on a streaming platform.

Wishing to preserve fifteen years of devoted curation upon the shuttering of the flagship Mondo Kim's location, in 2009 founder Yongman Kim took the only offer he had that would keep the collection together. The entire archive traveled 4,500 miles to Salemi, Italy where it was preserved but largely unseen. After a twelve year and 9,000 mile odyssey, the Kim's Video collection is now back where it belongs - in New York City.

Submitted by @lampbane

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