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Jimmy Lee Swaggart

Jimmy Lee Swaggart, born in Ferriday,Louisiana, on March 15, 1935, describeshimself as an old-fashioned, Holy Ghost-filled, shouting, weeping, soul-winning,gospel-preaching preacher. His ...

Jimmy Lee Swaggart, born in Ferriday,
Louisiana, on March 15, 1935, describes
himself as an old-fashioned, Holy Ghost-
filled, shouting, weeping, soul-winning,
gospel-preaching preacher. His earliest
religious experiences, piano playing and
singing, began at the Assembly of God
Church in Ferriday. His religious back-
ground is similar to that of his cousins,
Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley. God
led Jimmy Lee from street preaching,
country churches, and auditoriums to radio
and television broadcasts and later to a
7,200-seat Family Worship Center on the
270-acre site of the Jimmy Swaggart
Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Jimmy Lee recorded his first record, "God
Took Away My Yesterdays," with the help
of his famous cousins. Jimmy Lee is
one of the best-selling gospel music artists
of all times, with more than 50 recorded
albums and sales of more than 13,000,000
copies worldwide. The Jimmy Swaggart
Ministries has reached the entire world.

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